Chapter Affiliation Programs

TSA offers three, curriculum-integrated membership programs.  Chapters choose the program that works best for them:

Red Chapter Affiliation Program (Red CAP)
A chapter affiliates up to 10 members by paying a flat fee (additional members may be added during the year for a fee). The membership fee for Red CAP is $100 at the national level, plus state dues.

White Chapter Affiliation Program (White CAP)
A chapter affiliates 11 or more members by paying a per member fee for state and national dues. The membership fee for White CAP is $10 per member at the national level, plus state dues.

Blue Chapter Affiliation Program (Blue CAP)
A chapter affiliates an unlimited number of members in a school for a flat fee. This option is popular among chapters where students rotate through a STEM class for a portion of the year to enable all students to be members.  The membership fee for Blue CAP is $350 at the national level, plus state dues.

The chapter affiliation program you choose must be the same at the state and national level:  
  • Red CAP chapters become White CAP chapters automatically when they affiliate 11 or more members.
  • Red CAP or White CAP chapters may convert to Blue CAP at any time.
  • TSA operates under a unified dues policy, whereby members must affiliate and pay applicable dues at the local, state, and national level.

Step-by-Step Affiliation Instructions

  1. Go to the top of the homepage on and click on Login.
  2. Click on Chapter Advisors. New advisors may request a login on this page.
  3. Enter your username and password and select Affiliation and Updates from the drop-down menu.
  4. Enter or review/update your chapter information. You will be required to create a TOTAL TSA password in order to proceed to the next step. Click on Submit at the bottom of the page once all information is completed.
  5. Verify your advisor information and click Submit.
  6. A TEAMS information screen will be displayed. You may sign up for TEAMS and it will be added to your affiliation invoice or you may select the third option to continue TSA affiliation.
  7. The Chapter Information page will be displayed. You may edit your chapter information, input your roster, or add advisors. (Once you submit a student member’s name, they are a member of TSA and may not be removed or replaced by another student during the membership year). Do not enter a student’s name on your roster unless you are certain they will be an active TSA member.
  8. View invoice and payment screen.
  9. Review your invoice and select a payment option.
  10. Click submit.
  11. Submit the invoice to your financial department for payment.
  12. Fax the approved purchase order to 703-758-4852.

Please note, chapter affiliation is not complete until national TSA receives payment or an approved purchase order for payment.

Benefits of TSA Affiliation

  • Online access to TOTAL TSA and the competitive events guide
  • Opportunities to compete in local, state, and national TSA competitions
  • Leadership development through LEAP, TSA’s customized leadership program
  • Access to “School Scene” e-newsletters
  • Connection with other TSA members through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • MyTSA, a digital platform for chapter members to chronicle their TSA experiences