Chapter Management

  1. Chapters must have student members to affiliate with TSA.
  2. Chapter membership type (Red CAP, White CAP or Blue CAP) must be the same at both the state and national levels.
  3. A student may belong to only one local chapter and to only one state TSA delegation.
  4. TSA membership must be affiliated through a local state-registered education district. "Home-schooled" students may only become members through an agreement with one affiliated chapter.
  5. Advisors of TSA chapters must be registered state-certified educators working in existing school facilities. It is recommended that a science, technology, engineering or mathematics teacher serve as a TSA chapter advisor. However, some other state-certified educator may be appointed by the school’s principal. The appointed advisor has the same rights and privileges of any advisor as long as s/he maintains the chapter in good standing.
  6. The chapter level (middle school or high school) is designated by the chapter advisor when affiliating each year.
  7. Two schools may not combine to form one chapter at the same level or different levels. Each school must have a separate affiliated chapter.
  8. A member may only belong to a TSA chapter where he or she attends school, unless they are home-schooled (per the policy in #4 above).