Idaho TSA State Officer Application

2020-2021 Idaho TSA State Officer Application

All applications are due by February 14, 2020

Meet the Idaho TSA State officers!

Selection to an Idaho TSA State Office position means the membership has entrusted the leadership of its organization to those elected. With the acceptance of this honor come duties and responsibilities. 

Duty is defined, as “the conduct, obedience, loyalty, and submission required of an officer.” 

Responsibility is “the reliability and moral accountability for duties expected of an officer.”

Together, duty and responsibility convey the conduct and performance appropriate to all Idaho TSA State Officers.


Janie Billman

Idaho TSA President

"My name is Janie Billman and I am the this year's Idaho TSA President. I am a senior at Compass Academy in Idaho Falls, and plan on continuing my education through postsecondary schooling. I am a member of the Skyline TSA Chapter and have been in TSA for about six years!

My advice to you would be to be yourself, and get to know others that enjoy your same interests. When you do this, it will make your TSA experience so much more fun and memorable especially when you find life long friends!"

Serena Final 2

Serena Harris

Idaho TSA Vice President

"My name is Serena Harris and I am this year's TSA Vice President. I am a Senior at Skyline High School, and have been in TSA for 7 years (since 6th grade)!

My advice for new TSA members is to remember to read the guidelines and ask questions about your competitions, be to your events on time, come prepared, have fun, and try your best!"


Zoe Johnson

Idaho TSA Reporter

"My name is Zoe Johnson and I am this year's TSA Reporter! I am a sophomore at the Compass Academy in Idaho Falls, and am part of the Skyline High School TSA chapter. I have been in TSA for going on four years.

Some advice for being in TSA is to do all of your work prior to State Leadership Conference, and don’t do it on the bus or in the hotel the week of SLC. Be prepared in every competition, and work hard during the year."


Kenadie Goodson

Idaho TSA Treasurer

"My name is Kenadie Goodson I am this year's TSA Treasurer! I am a Sophomore at Skyline High School and this will be my fourth year as a TSA member.

If you are interested in joining TSA, one piece of advice I have for you is to try it out and see if you like it; don't let anyone tell you it’s not for you!"


Kaden Purcell

Idaho TSA Sergeant-At-Arms

"My name is Kaden Purcell and i am this year's TSA Sergeant-At-Arms! I am a Sophomore at Meridian High School and this will be my second year in TSA.

A piece of advice for members is to find a competition that interests you, and stick with it! Don't overwhelm yourself with entering too many contests."