Meet the 2021-2022 Idaho TSA State officers!

Selection to an Idaho TSA State Office position means the membership has entrusted the leadership of its organization to those elected. With the acceptance of this honor come duties and responsibilities. 

Duty is defined, as “the conduct, obedience, loyalty, and submission required of an officer.” 

Responsibility is “the reliability and moral accountability for duties expected of an officer.”

Together, duty and responsibility convey the conduct and performance appropriate to all Idaho TSA State Officers.



Karyssa Gowans

Meridian High School


"The Symbol of my office is the gavel. The duties vested in me by my office are to preside at all regular and special meetings of this organization and to promote cooperation in carrying out the activities and work of our organization."


Vice President

Shea McGuire

Renaissance High School


"The Symbol of my office is the star, and it is the duty of my office to see that we always have a strong membership, a good work program, and are alert to the welfare of our chapter."



Jaden Dawdy

Renaissance High School


"The Symbol of my office is the hearty handshake, and it is my responsibility to see that the assembly is comfortable and properly welcomed. It is also my duty to serve as the doorkeeper for this organization."