2023–2024 TSA Chapter Affiliation

Membership in TSA runs for each school year.  The term of the 2023-2024 TSA membership begins when a chapter is affiliated, and ends at the conclusion of the 2024 National TSA Conference on June 30, 2024.

Affiliation Instructions

  1. Go to the top of the homepage on TSAweb.org and click on Login.
  2. Click on Chapter Advisors. New advisors may request a login on this page.
  3. Enter your username and password and select Affiliation and Updates from the drop-down menu.
  4. Enter or review/update your chapter information. You will be required to create a TOTAL TSA password in order to proceed to the next step. Click on Submit at the bottom of the page once all information is completed.
  5. Verify your advisor information and click Submit.
  6. A TEAMS information screen will be displayed. You may sign up for TEAMS and it will be added to your affiliation invoice or you may select the third option to continue TSA affiliation.
  7. The Chapter Information page will be displayed. You may edit your chapter information, input your roster, or add advisors. (Once you submit a student member’s name, they are a member of TSA and may not be removed or replaced by another student during the membership year). Do not enter a student’s name on your roster unless you are certain they will be an active TSA member.
  8. View invoice and payment screen.
  9. Review your invoice and select a payment option.
  10. Click submit.
  11. Submit the invoice to your financial department for payment.
  12. Fax the approved purchase order to 703-758-4852.

Please note, chapter affiliation is not complete until national TSA receives payment or an approved purchase order for payment.

Affiliation Process

Membership is only processed through the national TSA online affiliation system. Faxed or mailed affiliation forms will be returned with instructions to affiliate online.

If a chapter that originally affiliated as a Red CAP adds more than ten members, it automatically becomes a White CAP once the additional fees are paid. Red CAP and White CAP may change to Blue CAP at any time during the year by paying the difference in fees. Blue CAP may add members at any time at no additional cost.

A chapter that has paid White CAP fees in excess of the Blue CAP fee may change to Blue CAP status.

Any chapter reporting national TSA membership that does not have a state TSA delegation is placed in the chapter-at-large category. All chapters in the chapter-at-large category have rights and privileges of any other national TSA chapter, with the exception of state delegation officer representation.

Members of chapters in the chapter-at-large category are considered members in good standing when all applicable chapter and national TSA dues are paid in full.

A school may affiliate more than one chapter provided that the chapters represent different levels, i.e., a middle school level and a high school level may physically exist at one school, but not at two middle school levels; separate membership affiliations must be submitted to the national TSA office; separate registrations for the National TSA Conference must be submitted to national TSA.

Any chapter affiliation submitted to national TSA must be personally completed by the chapter advisor (or an appointed officer).

Unpaid invoices must be paid in full to national TSA prior to any chapter member participating in a state or National TSA Conference.

Chapter Management

Chapters must have student members to affiliate with TSA.

Chapter membership type (Red CAP, White CAP or Blue CAP) must be the same at both the state and national levels.

A student may belong to only one local chapter and to only one state TSA delegation.

TSA membership must be affiliated through a local state-registered education district. "Home-schooled" students may only become members through an agreement with one affiliated chapter.

Advisors of TSA chapters must be registered state-certified educators working in existing school facilities. It is recommended that a science, technology, engineering or mathematics teacher serve as a TSA chapter advisor. However, some other state-certified educator may be appointed by the school’s principal. The appointed advisor has the same rights and privileges of any advisor as long as s/he maintains the chapter in good standing.

The chapter level (middle school or high school) is designated by the chapter advisor when affiliating each year.

Two schools may not combine to form one chapter at the same level or different levels. Each school must have a separate affiliated chapter.

A member may only belong to a TSA chapter where he or she attends school, unless they are home-schooled (per the policy in #4 above).