Events Requiring Pre-Submitted Items

Event What to Submit
Architectural Design · PDF documentation portfolio
Audio Podcasting · URL link to audio podcast file

· PDF documentation portfolio

Data Science and Analytics · PDF documentation portfolio
Digital Video Production · URL of the digital video solution

· PDF documentation portfolio

Future Technology and
Engineering Teacher
· URL link to instructional video
Music Production · URL link to the music piece

· PDF documentation portfolio

Photographic Technology · PDF photographic portfolio
Video Game Design · URL link to the game solution
Webmaster · URL link to the website solution


Preliminary Online Written Tests

Chapter Team
Forensic Science
Technology Bowl

How to Submit

Idaho TSA will be using the Judge Pro platform again this year for pre-submission items. Upon close of SLC registration and Prior to the submission window, the submission link and login information for students will be sent to Advisors.

Those students that are required to submit PDF documentation and/or URL links must log in to submit those items. Please see the Student Submission Instructions document for further details.


Advisors also have the ability to log into the system to check student submissions and/or upload student projects for them. Please review the Advisor Submission Instructions document for details.

*For team events, only one student per team will be allowed to submit the documentation. Please be sure to choose a team captain during registration.

Online Testing

Testing will take place through the Answer Write system. Advisors, please send the name and email information for your student’s proctors. Proctors will be sent the login and testing instructions as well as the student’s login information in a separate email.

Judge Pro Submission Instructions

Click the buttons to access the Student and Advisor Submission Instructions